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In May of 2022 Laurel Gotha graduated with honors from Mercy College of Ohio and was accepted into three Physician Assistant (PA) programs, with a high waitlist number for a fourth. She chose to continue the pursuit of her goal at the University of Dayton PA program largely because the smaller class sizes there reminded her of the Mercy College experience that prepared her to achieve her goals.

Despite, as Laurel says, “not being the greatest student in high school” she was determined to become a PA and she started at Mercy College a week before her Bedford High School graduation. She says, “I knew it was the right school for me! Dr. Barbara Stoos, Dean of Arts and Science was literally the only person who took me and my goal of becoming a Physician Assistant seriously. I wanted the individual attention with the small class sizes and strong focus on academics that Mercy provides.”

Laurel adds, “Among my favorite elements of the Biology program at Mercy was to see the benefits of all of the effort I was putting into school. I was able to recognize the changes in myself and my growth throughout the program.”

Laurel also took the phlebotomy course at Mercy College and began working as a phlebotomist, which led to an ER Tech position. “Working as an ER Tech, and the service-learning opportunities I had in school and as a Hoffman Ambassador, opened my eyes to how many people struggle in the healthcare system. These experiences strengthened my PA school applications and interviews.”

When asked about the best part of her Mercy College education, Laurel responds, “I especially enjoyed the interactive, hands-on learning activities and the anatomage table but most of all I appreciate the female faculty members of Mercy College’s Math and Science departments who prepared me to be a woman in medicine. They really try to inspire and empower students in and out of the classroom. I won’t forget Dr. Tami Stevenson saying, 'You don’t need to memorize - you need to know it!'"

Dr. Stoos adds, “Laurel was so positive and energetic from the very beginning. It has been rewarding to see her development. She has worked hard and the Mercy community is happy for her success.”

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Science faculty at commencement

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