Spiritual and Community Engagement

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The Office of Spiritual and Community Engagement, guided by the mission and values of Mercy College, inspires students, faculty, and staff to grow in their understanding of spirituality and service.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at Mercy College serves the entire college community. It is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, yet is designed to serve all people regardless of faith or denomination. Through worship, prayer, pastoral care, service, and reflection, Campus Ministry desires to help the college community in its spiritual growth. Committed to peace and justice, we challenge people to develop their unique gifts in service to the world and to be compassionate leaders in the global community.

Community Engagement

Service learning is an integration of organized service into the higher education curriculum in order to both benefit the community and enhance the student’s learning experience.

Through service learning, students are involved in experiential learning with instructor-facilitated reflection. These experiences are typically in a community agency or non-profit organization – always an institution that can benefit from the student’s volunteer effort.

The basis for service learning at Mercy College includes the Mercy College values, the Corporal Works of Mercy (Matthew 25:34-36), and the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching. When we engage in service, we deepen these values in our lives!

Programs and Resources

For more information about events and programs offered by the Office of Spiritual and Community Engagement, please visit Campus Life on Canvas or contact the Director of Spiritual and Community Engagement.

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Prayer Spaces

On the Toledo campus, the St. Joseph Chapel, located on the 1st floor of the College, is open to all and can serve as a place for quiet reflection, or a venue for deeper sharing and prayer. On the Youngstown campus, the Chapel at Mercy St. Elizabeth Hospital is open for the College community to visit and pray.

Director of Spiritual and Community Engagement

The Director of Spiritual and Community Engagement provides pastoral care as well as opportunities for spiritual growth and can help students, faculty, and staff discover and deepen their relationship with God and the world around them. Contact the Director of Spiritual and Community Engagement by phone or email or stop by the Office of Spiritual and Community Engagement on the Toledo campus. All are welcome.

  • Document .pdfService Learning Handbook

    The service learning experience at Mercy College provides students with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, and the reflections on those experiences personally impact the students.