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The primary mission of the Office of Accessibility is to provide equal access to all opportunities for Mercy College students and to enhance academic and personal development through advocacy, education, and accommodations.

The Office of Accessibility is committed to enhancing student's academic development and independence, and will work with students on an individual basis to assess reasonable academic accommodations that provide equal access to full participation in the college environment.

Equal Access for Students

Mercy College of Ohio is committed to making individuals with disabilities full participants in its programs, services and activities through compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. It is the policy of Mercy College that no otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall be denied access to, the benefits of, or participation in, any program, service or activity offered by the college.

As such, individuals with disabilities have a right to request reasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations provide equal access for students to fully participate in or benefit from the college's programs, services, and activities in a non-discriminatory, integrated manner.

All college representatives, including faculty, staff and students are responsible for the implementation of this policy and adherence to the principles of equal access.


Information regarding student diagnoses/disability/medical condition is kept confidential to the highest extent possible, and documentation of disability is maintained in the Accessibility Services, separate from students’ academic records. Accessibility Services may discuss accommodations for students to faculty and staff as it relates to their courses.

Requesting and Receiving Accommodations

Students wanting accommodations due to a disability/medical condition should review the ADA Policy (below) and then submit a Disability Disclosure and Accommodations Request form. Documentation/evidence of disability/medical condition supporting the need for the requested accommodations should also be submitted (also see Documentation of Disability Form – Diagnosing Clinician below).

• New students should request accommodations at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester so that accommodations can be in place when the semester begins.

• Current students should request accommodations as soon as the need arises if sudden onset (illness/injury).

Requesting and receiving accommodations is an interactive process between Accessibility Services, the student, documentation review, consultation with health care providers as needed, and discussion with faculty regarding accommodations when appropriate.

Accommodations are approved on a case-by-case basis, according to the impact of the diagnosis on the individual student. Most accommodations approvals may take a week or longer to process. Accessibility Services also collaborates with faculty, staff, and individual students to advocate for temporary accommodations needs due to illness/injury.

  • Document .pdfAccessibility/ADA/504 Policy

    This policy outlines Mercy College's compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

  • External LinkDisability Disclosure and Accommodations Request Form - Students

    This form should be completed by students requesting accommodations. Supporting documentation may be uploaded within the form. Please notify Accessibility Services if you need assistance in completing this form.

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  • Document .pdfDocumentation of Disability Form – Diagnosing Clinician

    This form should be completed by student’s qualified healthcare provider. Please refer to Policy above for eligibility, process, and student responsibility in providing evidence/supporting documentation of disability/medical condition.

  • FormStudent Affairs Appeals Form

    This form is to be used for non-academic appeals.

    View Form


Accessibility Services is always glad to meet with you to discuss questions or concerns regarding accommodations needs, requests, and changes. If you are not sure if you are eligible, or if you are struggling with your courses, or just have questions, contact us for an appointment as soon as possible to discuss your individual situation.

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