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The Student Success Center incorporates dedicated professional academic advisors, tutors, and counselors who offer guidance and resources to Mercy College students.

Consistent with the mission, vision, values, and strategic plan of Mercy College, the mission of the Student Success Center is to guide and empower students to develop holistically into lifelong learners and to succeed in college and beyond.

Located on the first floor of Mercy College, Madison, our nursing and allied health advisors help students navigate the ins and outs of planning for academic success, such as academic planning and scheduling, program changes, and graduation applications. Academic advisors assist students to clarify personal and career goals, develop consistent educational goals and plans, and evaluate progress towards established goals.

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Our professional tutors, also located on the first floor, offer tutoring in nursing, science, math, and English. Tutors provide supplemental instruction and guidance to students in meeting course requirements. Both the advisors and tutors focus on helping students develop as independent learners.

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Confidential counseling services are also available for Mercy College students. Our counselors work with students to assist in resolving personal difficulties to promote both personal and academic development. The counselors also offer programming throughout the year in the areas of prevention, education, and overall wellness for the entire campus community.

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