It's Transfer Week at Mercy College!

Denise Hudgin

October 18-22, 2021 is National Transfer Student Week.

Mercy College has generous transfer credit acceptance policies, which makes it easy for transfer students to get started and put their college credits to use.

Maria P. (pictured below) is a Radiologic Technology student at Mercy College of Ohio. She was drawn to Mercy because of the Radiologic Technology program. She attended Healthcare Worker Wednesday, an online information session where she was able to speak with program faculty and admissions to learn more about the program. Maria states that her process of transferring was relatively easy and she really appreciated how everyone was helpful from the beginning. Maria made the decision to transfer late and only had a short amount of time to get everything in place before the start of the semester. She shares, “Everyone was great and helped me do everything needed to get ready in time." Maria's suggestions for those considering transferring to Mercy College are to take an active role in the process, be as involved as possible in completing the application, and ask questions. Maria is anticipates graduating from Mercy College in May 2022. After graduation, she hopes to find a Radiologic Technology job.

Learn more about transferring to Mercy College.

Maria Transfer Student

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