Ruth E. Roach Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kathryn Bubrig

Outside scholarship opportunity - DEADLINE APRIL 15th:

General Award Criteria:

1.  Ease situations of financial hardship due to the challenges of single parenting
2.  Improve one’s ability to gain quality employment and/or
3.  Create a future that better sustains themselves and their dependents
4.  We would also hope that the candidate can demonstrate a likely-hood of completing their education (degree or certification in their field of study) by demonstrating:

o   An adequate monthly income/support to sustain their household during the term of their educational program
o   A plan to cover the remainder of their educational costs
o   The academic ability and drive to ensure program completion (3.0 gpa in their course of study)

In addition to the completed application, that includes their Personal Statement, each applicant should submit the following:
            Two letters of recommendations
            Transcripts from high school and/or any schooling that you have pursued

TO APPLY please follow this link:

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