Removal of Parking Garage and Professional Building Makes Way for Change

Corner Feature Rendering

The landscape of Mercy College has undergone some significant transformations over the past year, particularly with the removal of the parking garage and the Professional Building, which was the home of the former Mercy School of Nursing school on Jefferson Avenue. These structures held a special place in the hearts of Mercy students and hospital patients, as they served generations.

Hannah Bohn, Coordinator of Alumni Relations and Grants, shared some heartfelt sentiments. “Many Mercy Alumni and Auxiliary members cherish their memories associated with the school of nursing that was housed in the Professional Building. “It has been an emotional journey to bid farewell to a place that was pivotal in so many lives. To some, it feels like saying goodbye to a dear friend. A few individuals even expressed interest in having a brick from the building as a souvenir. We would have loved to have offered this as a token of thanks for the years of service and support that our alumni and Auxiliary members have provided, but unfortunately it wasn't possible to safely remove such items during the demolition.” Ms. Bohn adds.

Mercy education has always adapted to the evolving needs of students and times we live in. The removal of the parking garage and Professional Building were primarily driven by concerns for safety, as the structures no longer aligned with Mercy College's safety requirements. Ultimately, the decision was made to create surface lot parking in their place. This decision reflects Mercy College’s commitment to ensuring the best use of space for the benefit of everyone. Change can be challenging, but it's a testament to our institution's resilience and commitment to progress.

The Mercy College community is already enjoying the convenient parking while finishing touches such as landscaping, fencing, signage, and seating will be added. If you have not been by the campus recently, please join us Thursday, November 16 from 6-7:30PM for an Alumni & Friends Night Out, or contact to schedule a personal appointment to see the changes on the inside of the building.

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