Mercy Grant Funds Alternative Spring Break Trip to Texas Border

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Thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Sisters of Mercy, a group of five students and three staff members embarked on an alternative spring break journey to Texas. From March 3 to 8, they will work alongside Arise Adalante along the Texas/Mexico border, offering vital assistance to local communities.

During their trip, the group will engage in various service activities aimed at supporting the residents of the region. From providing aid to families in need to assisting with community development projects, they will actively contribute to making a positive impact.

One significant aspect of their trip involves gaining insight into the trafficking route that extends from Texas to Michigan, particularly from Alamo to Detroit. By learning about this route firsthand, the participants aim to raise awareness and understanding of the complex issues surrounding trafficking.

Through their experiences and interactions, the students and staff members hope to foster connections with the local community and deepen their understanding of social justice issues prevalent in the region.

This alternative spring break trip not only provides an opportunity for service but also serves as a platform for education and advocacy. With the support of the Sisters of Mercy grant, these students and staff members are poised to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they encounter along the Texas border.

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