Mercy College of Ohio Graduate Realizes Dream

Carissa Gilgenbach had been thinking about completing her bachelor’s degree for over ten years.

She says, “I knew it was something I wanted to do, and I was interested in Mercy College’s Medical Imaging completion program, but as a mom with young children and a full-time job, it never seemed like the right time to start. Mercy Health’s tuition assistance and Mercy College's discount for BSMH associates was what helped me to finally be able to start the program.”

The online format provides the flexibility and convenience that Carissa needs. “The imaging program allows you to complete your assignments online on your weekly timeline, so I have found the coursework easy to fit into my busy life. The content was excellent for me in my current role, but I think it’s especially relevant for my future goals of teaching or a leadership role.”

Carissa graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging in April and looks forward to continuing her education in Mercy College’s Master of Health Administration (MHA) program in August. “I’m in the mindset and ready to keep going,” she adds.

“My friend and coworker at Mercy Defiance Hospital, Kelly Hartzell, is my cheerleader and has encouraged me through every step of my Mercy College journey. She finished the MHA program as I completed the medical imaging program. It was great to graduate with Kelly, in addition to the rad tech students who I have mentored during their clinicals."

Mercy College spring commencement ceremony. Left to right is Rhys Ruger Carissa’s student who graduated Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology, Carissa who graduated with Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging and Abigail Carpenter, Carissa’s former student and now coworker who also earned a Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging, and Kelly Hartzell Carissa’s coworker and mentor with her Master of Health Administration degree.


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