Mercy College to Host Dialogue to Change

Kathryn Bubrig

Mercy College will be hosting Dialogue to Change on Wednesday, February 8. Students from Queen of Apostles in Toledo and St. Rose Catholic School in Perrysburg meet for four weeks to discuss racism as they have experienced it. 

The group is made up of diverse races and cultures so that conversation can be open and transparent, and so that all have an opportunity to share their experiences. The ultimate goal of Dialogue to Change Toledo is to help promote peace within the community and to create positive community change to combat racism that includes people from all backgrounds. The students involved have enjoyed the program and felt they have been able to speak freely about racism and other prejudices they have experienced.   

Mercy College is pleased to be hosting the young students as they continue their dialogue and learn how to serve as facilitators for future discussions. 

Read more about Dialogue to Change in the Toledo Blade article.

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