Mercy College of Ohio Paramedic Students Participate in Interprofessional Simulation

Kathryn Bubrig

Over the last two weeks, the Mercy College of Ohio Paramedic program participated in an interprofessional simulation with the emergency residents program and some of the emergency room nursing staff. 
The purpose was to have a real-time simulation with a high fidelity simulation mannequin and the goals and objectives for the simulation were interprofessional patient-centered communication between the paramedics, the nursing staff, and the medical staff. It also became critical to focus on controlling the crowd while maintaining the best patient care.
The simulation started with a call to the scene forcing the Paramedic students to be the first to arrive. Before entrance at the hospital a pre-arrival report was given over the radio to the emergency room staff and then there was a hand-off report given from the paramedics to the nursing staff and medical staff in the ER for them to conduct the rest of their treatment. This simulation reinforced the importance of communications between the different staff, patient’s family, as well as crowd control and security at the scene. 

Select images from the simulation events are below.

Image from Paramedic simulation event  Image from Paramedic simulation events  Image from Paramedic simulation event


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