Mercy College and Mercy Health Introduce Paid Clinical Time for Final Semester Nursing Students

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Mercy College of Ohio, in collaboration with Mercy Health, continues to create innovative initiatives to build the healthcare pipeline while revolutionizing the final semester experience for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students.

The Early Career Decision program, launching this month with seven students, offers a unique opportunity for nursing students to turn their required clinical hours into compensated experience, reducing financial stress and creating a seamless pathway to employment. This pilot program will launch at Mercy Health - St. Charles Hospital.

Jamie Tooman, BSN Program Director at Mercy College says, "We are excited to pioneer this program, providing our nursing students with a unique opportunity to receive compensation for clinical hours completed during their final semester. It's a win-win situation for both students and Mercy Health. The students will have the same excellent learning opportunities that they have always had, but will also be paid as part of this experience. The plan for the future is to expand the number of students and Mercy Health hospitals participating in this program.”

BSN student Ky Knoch says, "I was thrilled to be selected for this! It's still going to be a busy semester, but being paid for the clinical time will lighten my load and enable me to prepare for a seamless transition to the work environment after graduation.

Mercy College and Mercy Health have introduced numerous programs to help build both interest and ease in entering various healthcare fields. This new program not only offers students the chance to earn an income while completing their educational journey but also helps alleviate staffing issues that hospitals continue to experience.

Here’s how it will work:

Financial Support for Nursing Students: BSN students at Mercy College will now have the chance to apply for paid clinical hour positions during the semester preceding their final academic term. This opportunity provides tangible financial support, allowing students to focus more on their studies and patient care.

Compensation During Final Semester: Selected students will receive compensation for their 154 clinical hours during the critical final semester, providing a significant financial boost and potentially reducing the need for additional part-time employment.

Seamless Transition to Professional Life: Upon successful completion of the program and passing the NCLEX, participants will seamlessly transition into nursing roles at Mercy Health - St. Charles Hospital. This program is not just about gaining experience; it's a strategic pathway to employment for aspiring nurses.

Mutual Commitment: Students who participate in the Nurse Immersion program commit to dedicating their skills and passion to Mercy Health - St. Charles Hospital for 18 months post-graduation. This commitment ensures that students and the hospital benefit from a sustained, meaningful partnership.

"This program allows us to identify and nurture talented individuals from their final semester, fostering a strong connection with our hospital,” said Jean Davila, vice president of Nursing/chief operating officer, Mercy Health - St. Charles Hospital. “We believe it's a transformative approach to both education and workforce development."

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