Busy Mom and Ultrasound Tech Finds Flexibility and Relevant Content in Online Programs

Kelly Hartzell

Kelly Hartzell juggles multiple roles as a devoted mom, wife, skilled Ultrasound Technologist, hobby farmer, and driven student. Kelly's journey back to school came about when she found the perfect program that suited her needs: Mercy College's fully online Medical Imaging program.

Kelly found the flexibility she sought in the Medical Imaging program that aligned seamlessly with her career aspirations. This program not only saved her valuable time and money, but it also recognized her existing credentials by granting her college credits. Kelly took full advantage of the fast track option, allowing her to take graduate courses that contributed to both her Medical Imaging bachelor's degree and her Master of Health Administration.

“I tell everyone that with so many changes happening in healthcare, it is a great time to learn. My Mercy education has opened up new doors for me. I have a much better understanding of the healthcare system and what patients have been through before they get to my table.”

Expressing deep gratitude for the tuition assistance provided by Mercy Health, Kelly is brimming with hope for her future as she aspires to take on leadership roles. She envisions a path where she can fully immerse herself in her newfound passion for quality, making a tangible difference in healthcare. Kelly eagerly shares her story with everyone she meets, emphasizing the tremendous opportunity to learn and grow during this transformative era in healthcare.

Kelly adds, “ I really liked how organized and well the courses were designed. The content was relevant, and with the evolving nature of our healthcare system, I feel that this program has prepared me to tackle any challenge that comes my way."

Kelly Hartzell's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of education. Mercy College has provided her with the tools and opportunities she needed to thrive and pursue her dreams, reinforcing the belief that now is an extraordinary time to learn, adapt, and make an impact in the ever-evolving world of healthcare.

Pictured above: Kelly Hartzell on her farm. Kelly received a Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging in 2021 and a Master of Health Administration in 2023, both from Mercy College.

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