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The Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team at Mercy College of Ohio reinforces the College’s efforts to provide the students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a safe and secure environment to work, study, and live.

As a subset of the Campus Violence Prevention Committee, the CARE Team assists with the prevention of and intervention in incidents where members of the campus community are experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors, as well as supports individuals impacted by such incidents.

The CARE Team works together to gather information about students of concern, assess information about each case brought before the Team; define and coordinate a plan/response; implement a response to a perceived or real threat; and monitor the disposition of the case The CARE Team serves as a mechanism for improved coordination and communication across the campus and/or system and makes recommendations in accordance with existing college policies.

The CARE Team promotes the success, health, and safety of individuals within the community through identifying and monitoring individuals whose behaviors may be troubling with the intention to provide assistance and intervention to prevent incidents from occurring.

The role of the CARE Team is to:

  • Understand threats/concerns
  • Evaluate legitimacy of concerns
  • Identify motivations for violence
  • Assess likelihood of physical harm to self and/or others
  • Develop strategies for risk reduction
  • Guide implementation of strategies, re-evaluate threat
  • Evaluate the needs of the community.

CARE-related Resources

  • Document .pdfHelping Students in Distress

    A faculty and staff response guide to identifying and helping students in distress.

  • MercyCollege.eduCounseling and Wellness Services

    Counseling and Wellness services promote the personal growth and wellness for all students through personal counseling, group counseling, campus programming, and crisis response.

  • MercyCollege.eduOnline Resources

    A robust list of mental health and wellness resources, including suicide prevention, sexual assault, mental and emotional health, eating disorders, meditation, test anxiety, and local resources.


Care Team Membership

The membership of the CARE Team is diverse and multi-disciplinary, providing the group with a wide range of expertise and knowledge.

Members include:

  • Assistant Dean of Student Life (Co-Chair)
  • Director of Retention and Success Strategies (Co-Chair)
  • Director of Accessibility and Testing Services
  • Faculty Representative

*Other individuals may be included as needed, such as, but not limited to academic advisors, legal counsel, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, etc.

All members of the CARE Team participate in training upon initial participation and at regular intervals thereafter in areas such as best practices for assessment teams, legal issues, risk management, documentation, and any other topics to ensure that the team functions effectively.

Contact the CARE Team

Tamam Baiz

Tamam Baiz, PhD, MS, BS, BA : Associate Professor, Chemistry Program Coordinator

Stephanie Baughman

Stephanie Baughman, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Andra Bell

Andra Bell, MSEd, BSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Paige Bentley

Paige Bentley, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

James Bier

James Bier, PhD, BS : Associate Professor, Arts & Sciences

Sung-David Chun

Sung-David Chun, PhD, MA, BA : Professor, Arts & Sciences

Jessica Coombs

Jessica Coombs, BS, RHIT : Associate Director of Admissions

Jennifer Cruz

Jennifer Cruz, MSPAS, PA-C : Assistant Professor, Clinical Coordinator, PA Program

Lakshmi Dalwalla

Lakshmi Dalwalla, PhD, MA, MS, BS : Associate Professor, Arts & Sciences

Susan Deckelman

Susan Deckelman, MSN, RN : Associate Professor, Nursing

Tim Depinet

Tim Depinet, EdD, RT(N), CNMT : Associate Professor, Health Sciences Certificate Director

Kimberly DeStazio

Kimberly DeStazio, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Judy Dudley

Judy Dudley, MA, BS, RHIA : Associate Professor, Health Information Technology/Medical Coding

Neeli Engelhart

Neeli Engelhart, MMS, PA-C : Principal Faculty, PA Program

Dana Eskins

Dana Eskins, EdD, RDMS, RT(R) (CT) : Associate Professor, Director, Imaging Sciences & Program Director, Medical Imaging

Jill Fabian

Jill Fabian, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Rebecca Frank

Rebecca Frank, MS, RT(R) : Assistant Professor, Radiologic Technology

Tim Frank

Tim Frank, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Dan French

Dan French, PhD : Assistant Professor, Director of Distance Education & Teaching Resources

Christopher Gibbons

Christopher Gibbons, MBA, RT(R)(CT) : Associate Professor, Healthcare Administration (Undergraduate) Program Director

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones, MS, RHIA : Associate Professor, Health Information Technology/Medical Coding Program Director

Deborah Karns

Deborah Karns, PhD, MSN, RN : Associate Professor, MSN Program Director

Jennifer Keiser

Jennifer Keiser, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Dawn LaBarbera

Dawn LaBarbera, PhD, PA-C : Professor, Program Director, PA Program

Angela Losonsky

Angela Losonsky, MHA, RT(R) : Assistant Professor, Program Director Radiologic Technology

Jennifer Lyons

Jennifer Lyons, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing,

Patricia McAllen

Patricia McAllen, PhD, RN, CNE : Nursing Workforce Diversity Grant Director, Professor, Nursing

Melissa Mellein

Melissa Mellein, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Karen Miley

Karen Miley, CRTT, RPSGT : Assistant Program Lead, Polysomnographic Technology

Leisa Morrison

Leisa Morrison, PhD, BS : Professor, Physiology Program Coordinator

Theresa O'Donnell

Theresa O'Donnell, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Alexis Payton

Alexis Payton, AAB, RHIT : Lab Coordinator, HIT/PPE

Aaronica Phommalee

Aaronica Phommalee, DNP, MSN, RN : Associate Professor, Nursing

Taryn Slack

Taryn Slack, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Tami Steveson

Tami Steveson, PhD, MS : Associate Professor, Arts & Sciences

Barbara Stoos

Barbara Stoos, PhD, BS : Professor, Dean of Arts and Sciences

Treasure Sucheck

Treasure Sucheck, PhD, BS : Professor, Chemistry Program Coordinator

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor, BA, RPSGT, RST : Polysomnographic Technology Program Lead

Jamie Tooman

Jamie Tooman, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Bachelor Degree Nursing Program Director

Tom Voyles

Tom Voyles, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing

Kimberly A. Watson

Kimberly A. Watson, EdD, MBA, BS, RHIA : Professor, Dean Health Sciences, Program Director, Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Meridith Yochim

Meridith Yochim, MSPAS, PA-C : Assistant Professor, PA Program

Julie Young

Julie Young, MSN, RN : Assistant Professor, Nursing, Community Health Worker Program Lead