Level of Risk

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Based on information gathered, the CARE Team will utilize the following scale to determine the level of risk the incident/behavior poses to the campus community. Levels of risk are based on the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association’s (NaBITA) Threat Assessment Tool (PDF).

Includes some disruptive or concerning behaviors, the individual may or may not show signs of distress, depressed, withdrawn, lack of trust, argumentative, or not interested in the perspective of others. At this risk level, there is no serious threat to the student of concern or the campus community. Any concerns can generally be resolved through consultation with the CARE Team and addressed between the parties involved.

Behaviors that may indicate a moderate risk include repeated disruptive behavior, behaviors involving more than one person, challenging authority, destructive or vandalizing behaviors, alcohol or drug misuse/abuse, eating disorders, self-injurious behavior, vague threats, inconsistent threats, or suicidal thoughts.

May include seriously disruptive incident(s), repeated derogatory statements to others, erratic behavior, suicidal thoughts with plans or intent, aggression, or threatening others.