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Transfer of credit may be granted for courses completed at other regionally accredited post-secondary institutions, that are a part of a student’s degree program, and completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Some courses for specific programs (ex. nursing) must be taken within a specified time limit. Transfer credits are not calculated into a student’s overall grade point average. Students must also meet the Mercy College residency requirement prior to graduation. Please view the full transfer credit policy below for additional information on all transfer credit guidelines and procedures.

For information on Advanced Placement, CLEP, or DSSTS visit the Credit by Examination page.

  • Document .pdfTransfer Credit Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure transfer credit is entered appropriately and properly into the student information system.

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Transferology is the first stop for any student who is looking to transfer to Mercy College of Ohio. Students can request information on a specific course's transferability by utilizing Transferology. Students can enter their previous and current course work into a free user account to then see which courses at Mercy College they have earned credit. Begin by reviewing the directions and selecting the Transferology link below.

Transferology helps students explore college transfer options.

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  • Document .pdfTransferology Directions

    A step-by-step guide to using Transferology for students who are looking to transfer to Mercy College of Ohio.


Remember if a course is not in Transferology this does not mean it does not transfer. It means we just need to review it for a transfer equivalency. This extra step ensures that the student gets the best evaluation for the transfer work.

Credit for Military Service and Training

You may be eligible to receive college credit toward a certificate or degree by using the learning you received while in the military. To be considered for credit, please order a copy of your Military Joint Services Transcript or AirForce/CCAF transcript and provide a copy of your DD214 to the Student Records office.

Post Enrollment Transfer of Credit

Once enrolled, students are encouraged to complete all of their coursework at Mercy College. After matriculating, the college permits the transfer of up to six semester hours of credit. Such transfer is subject to the following procedures and guidelines:

  • You must be in good academic standing (maintaining an overall grade point average of 2.0 or better) to be eligible for taking courses at another college/university.
  • You must submit a Post-Enrollment Transfer Credit form (can be obtained from the Student Records Office). Additional documentation, such as a course syllabus, may be required. Prior to enrolling in the course, the form must be signed by the student’s academic advisor/faculty member and Dean and subsequently submitted to the Student Records Office at the college.
  • Only courses that have the prior approval of the academic advisor/faculty member and Dean will be accepted for transfer credit. In addition, only courses with a grade of “C” or better will be accepted for transfer.
  • Students must meet the minimum residency requirements of the college.

Transfer of Credit Process

All official transcripts are evaluated for transfer credit applicable to your specific degree by standards set by Mercy College faculty. To assess your transfer credit, you may be required to submit a course syllabus and/or other materials related to a specific course. Student Records will collect this information and submit it to the appropriate Mercy College faculty for review. Mercy College faculty and staff will work diligently to provide a response in a timely fashion, but you can expect this process to take at least two weeks.


If you disagree with the awarding of transfer credit, you can appeal the decision by emailing the Student Records Office at Transfer credit appeals are addressed by the particular program chair or faculty member for evaluation. For the appeal to be approved in a timely fashion, you should submit as much material as possible, including a course syllabus.