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The Writing Center at Mercy College of Ohio provides free writing support and feedback to all students, staff, and faculty in all programs. During a session, the professional writing tutor engages in conversation with the writer to help achieve the goals of the written work, focusing on ideas, organization, development, argument, synthesis, and writers’ concerns. The purpose of writing sessions is to promote awareness of self and audience through clear and concise writing.


Writing online and on-campus tutoring is available at both the Toledo and Youngstown campuses. Help is available for anything writing related at any point in the writing process. Types of sessions include:

  • Face-to-face tutoring for individuals or small groups
  • Online tutoring in real time on Canvas Big Blue Button
  • Email feedback on papers (2-5 days turnaround time)

To schedule an appointment for a 30 or 60-minute session in person or online:

  • External LinkSchedule your Advising or Tutoring Appointment (All Programs)

    Use this appointment scheduler to set up your advising or tutoring meeting at Mercy College.

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Have a quick question or want feedback on a paper without an appointment?



No matter what course and what program you are in, the Writing Center can help. Topics commonly covered during a session include:

  • APA formatting
  • Brainstorming/topic generation
  • Outlining
  • Thesis development
  • Organization
  • Clarification
  • Grammar/mechanics
  • Syntax
  • General feedback
  • & more...


  • Document .pdfDetermining a Topic

    A handout to help students brainstorm writing topics.

  • Document .pdfParts of the Essay

    A handout to help students ensure they include all the important parts of an essay.

  • Document .pdfCreating a Thesis

    A handout to help students write strong thesis statements.

  • Document .pdfCreating an Outline

    A handout to help students outline their papers

  • Document .pdfRevising and Editing

    A handout to help students with revising and editing processes

  • Document .pdfWriting Coherent Paragraphs

    A handout to help improve underdeveloped paragraphs

  • Document .pdfDeveloping Paragraphs

    A handout to help improve underdeveloped paragraphs

  • Document .pdfCommas, Semicolons, and Periods

    A handout to help students with punctuation

  • Document .pdfSentence Patterns

    A handout to help students identify basic sentences

  • Document .pdfAvoiding Run-ons and Sentence Fragments

    A handout to help students avoid common sentence-level issues

  • Document .pdfAbstracts

    A handout to help students write abstracts

  • Document .pdfAnnotated Bibliographies

    This handout helps students create and format annotated bibliographies.

  • Document .pdfLiterature Reviews

    A handout to help students write literature reviews

  • Document .pdfSynthesis: Integrating Sources Into Your Writing

    A handout to help students synthesize research in their writing

  • Document .pdfEvaluating Resources: The CRAAP Test

    A handout to help students evaluate resources

  • Document .pdfPrimary, Secondary, & Tertiary Sources

    A handout to help students determine the originality of the research in the resource

  • Document .pdfIdentifying Sources

    A handout to help students identify what kind of sources they have

  • Document .pdfIn-Text Citations

    A handout to help students cite sources in text

  • Document .pdfAPA Guide

    A comprehensive APA style guide

  • Document .pdfIncluding DOIs and URLs: A Flowchart

    A flowchart to help students understand what DOI numbers are and how to use them

  • Document .pdfAPA Style Principles

    A presentation to help students understand the underlying principles of APA style

  • External LinkAPA Style Blog for Help with Unusual Citations

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  • External for Help with Finding DOI Numbers

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  • External LinkPurdue OWL - Comprehensive Guide to APA Style

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  • MercyCollege.eduLibrary

    The Mercy College Library provides various physical and online resources for academic and personal success.