Hoffman Ambassador and Leader Scholar Information and Common Application

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The application process for 2019-2020 Hoffman Ambassadors and Leader Scholars is now closed. Thank you to those who applied!

Both the Hoffman Ambassadors and Leader Scholars scholarship programs provide an opportunity for students to participate in a cohort model that provides a wide range of opportunities to enhance civic responsibility, service-learning experiences, and leadership development. The students earning these scholarships are committed to service to and leadership in Toledo, Youngstown, and the surrounding communities and to Mercy College. Both year-long experiences allow students to explore the meaning of service and leadership in the larger community while deepening their understanding of the Mercy College values. The Hoffman Ambassador and Leader Scholar scholarship programs share a common foundation:

  • Based on the concepts and characteristics of the servant leadership model.
  • Assume that leadership is learned.
  • Rooted in an understanding of service that it is a response to community identified needs and assets, and the process includes strong reflective and analytical components
  • Align with the vision and mission of the institution, specifically focusing on further developing students who will lead and serve in the global community and who are committed to intellectual inquiry, social engagement, and lifelong learning.
  • Have at their core the Mercy College values.
Hoffman AmbassadorsLeader Scholars
Emphasis areasService LearningLeadership
Minimum QualificationsEnrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours at Mercy College in an associate or bachelor's degree program; be in good academic and student conduct standingEnrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours at Mercy College in an associate or bachelor’s degree program; be in good academic and student conduct standing
Minimum GPA2.73.0
Credit Hour RequirementNo minimum requirementMinimum of 6 completed credit hours at Mercy College
Service Hours Requirement150 Hours
A pre-determined number of hours will be completed at a designated service site.
125 Hours
Shadow Experiences RequirementMinimum of 1Minimum of 4
On-campus Leadership RequirementNot required, but strongly recommendedMaintain at least one leadership role in the Student Government Association (SGA) or a student organization
Required ReadingsYesYes
Scholarship Group MeetingsYesYes
Program Coordinator MeetingsYesYes
Capstone PresentationYesYes
Student Leader Retreat Attendance Requirement (Retreat Date: 8/23/19)YesYes
Scholarship Recipients WillEngage in a significant co-curricular service-learning component involving meaningful service and critical reflection
Explore a variety of leadership theories and principles to better inform their own leadership philosophy and foundation.

Program Coordinator - Hoffman Ambassador Program

Program Coordinator - Leader Scholar Program