MHA Credit for Expertise

Convert your professional healthcare expertise into valuable academic credit through our streamlined evaluation process at no additional cost or fees. The Credit for Expertise program at Mercy College of Ohio offers a pathway for healthcare professionals to convert their professional expertise into academic credits towards a Master of Health Administration. This approach includes a five-step process encompassing an initial consultation, portfolio submission, competency assessment, credit allocation, and personalized feedback. Aimed at recognizing the practical knowledge gained through professional experience, the Credit for Expertise program facilitates an accelerated route to graduate education by aligning real-world expertise with academic competencies.

Expertise Pathway

MHA Course


HCA 550 Healthcare Leadership, Communications & Org. (3 cr. hr.)

Project Management

HCA 518: Healthcare Project Management (3 cr. hr.)

Compliance, Policy, and Law

HCA 520 Health Policy and Law (3 cr. hr.)

Human Resources

HCA 525 Healthcare Human Resource Management (3 cr. hr.)

Finance and Accounting

HCA 535 Healthcare Financial Management (3 cr. hr.)


HCA 530 Healthcare Operations Management (3 cr. hr.)


HCA 540 Healthcare Informatics (3 cr. hr.)

Quality Improvement

HCA 545 Quality Improvement in Healthcare (3 cr. hr.)

Ministry, Ethics, and Spirituality

HCA 555 Healthcare Ethics & Spirituality (3 cr. hr.)

Population Health and Managed Care

HCA 560 Population Health and Managed Care (3 cr. hr.)

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