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September 29, 2020

What's Happening in Student Affairs

September 2020

The first weeks of a new semester are always challenging in higher education in any given year as new semesters begin. However, this year is different. The last six months have required us to interrupt, envision, design, implement, rotate, redesign, and reimplement, in addition to guarding our own health and safety and those of our loved ones in a global pandemic.

You are appreciated! Your life matters! You matter!

We have also faced ongoing and escalating racial and social injustices during this same time period. And we know that none of those activities involved the rest, recovery, reflection, or healing necessary to be ready to face this fall’s serious challenges.

You are appreciated! Your life matters! You matter!

This message is brief because we are busy, but please don’t misinterpret the brevity with the absence of sincere care and support. We are doing the tough work right now of boldly transforming higher education.

You are appreciated! Your life matters! You matter!
ACPA (American College Personnel Association) 2020

Campus Resources - students, faculty & staff dealing with recent racial and social injustice events

  • Counseling and Wellness - contact Suzanne Hall at (419) 251-1454 or In Youngstown, contact Ann Bair at (330) 480-2874 or . Also, access the Counseling & Wellness webpage or the Student Success folder on Canvas.
  • Campus Ministry and Pastoral Care - contact Annie Devine at (419) 251-1866,, or the Campus Ministry webpage.
  • Life Matters (Faculty & Staff) - call 877-692-7780 or text “Hello” to 61295. Additional information for Life Matters can be found on the Mercy Health Hub.

Journey to Success – 8 weeks, different success topic every week, delivered by SSC staff. Check the SSC folder on Canvas for schedule and additional details.

Testing Center Certification – going through national certification from the National College Testing Association (NCTA). Response by spring 2021.


  • Mercy College Food Pantry – access the Food Pantry webpage to see how you can contribute to the pantry and continue to serve our students in need.
  • New Student ID Badges (Toledo) – due to COVID-19 and all SOAR sessions delivered virtually, all new, land-based students have been contacted to arrange completion of their student ID badges.
  • Director of Diversity & Inclusion search – collaborating with Mercy HR Corporate in identifying and securing a candidate for the Director of Diversity & Inclusion vacancy. An initial review of candidates has begun and will continue until a candidate is selected.
  • Early Alert Form – Do you have a student struggling academically? Use the Early Alert Form to initiate a collaborative approach to success. Access form here.
  • Concern and Complaint Form – Know of a student struggling outside of the classroom? Use the Concern and Complaint Form.

Questions or comments regarding the information presented, or with the Division of Student Affairs, should be directed to Marc Adkins, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students. Thank you!


Submitted by Steve Joyce

Mercy Café Menu

Important Zoom Information

Submitted by Jeff Metzger

If you have been recording your Zoom meetings or classes, then you must take action to keep the recording feature enabled.

On October 5 at 5:00 p.m. the ability to record Zoom meetings locally will be disabled on all BSMH Zoom accounts. If you require the ability to record Zoom meetings, you must request access to the Zoom Cloud Recording functionality using the steps below. Please submit your request as soon as possible to ensure you do not lose the ability to record when the change is made on October 5.

Request Cloud Recording Access:
1. Log in to the BSMH Service Portal. (
2. Select "Place an Order".
3. On the left-hand menu, select "Accounts and Access", and then "Access Request (Saviynt EUI)".
4. Click on "Request Access".
5. Search for "Zoom" using the search field above the table data for the applications.
6. Click "Add to Cart" next to “Zoom Cloud Recording”, then "Checkout".
7. Enter your email address then click the “Add” button next to "Zoom Cloud Recording - GreatLakes/MidAmerica" in the role list.
8. Click "Next" and then submit the request.

Once you have been granted access you will need to sign out and back into Zoom before the functionality will be enabled.

VPN Changes Coming Soon

Submitted by Jeff Metzger

On October 2, BSMH IT will push an update to the MercyVPN Access (F5) software. If you use VPN on a Mercy College laptop, you will receive the update. Please leave your laptop turned on and connected to the Internet (not VPN) on Friday night so the upgrade can occur overnight. Your computer will reboot as part of the process so make sure your work is saved. If you encounter any issues after the update, please call the BSMH Service Desk at 833-MY1HELP.

Later in October, a new passcode process will go into effect when making a VPN connection. Instead of receiving an email or a text message, you will use Symantec VIP 2-Factor for the VPN passcode. Symantec VIP Access is the phone app that generates a random passcode every 30 seconds. You are probably already using the app for webmail access, but if you have any questions, please contact me or my team.

Flu Shots

To make it easy for employees, free flu vaccination clinics will be held locally in Toledo and Youngstown. Associate Health is working hard to implement CDC Guidance for Immunization Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic at Mercy Health clinics to ensure the safety of our associates while they fulfill this requirement, including drive-thru options and extended clinic dates and times.

This year, associates can scan and send proof of vaccine to Associate Health at OR drop off proof of vaccine to their on-site Associate Health staff.

Medical and religious exemption forms will be available from Associate Health and will be accepted until the Dec. 9 deadline. Please note that all associates will continue to be required to follow masking and PPE guidelines in our facilities – masking is not a substitute for receiving a flu vaccination.

Remember this is a mandatory requirement for employees.

Toledo Flu Vaccination Clinics

Youngstown Flu Vaccination Clinics


Send a message to the Mercy College President using this link.

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