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March 2, 2021


March 2021
March is Women’s History Month

“Someone once said we never know what is enough until we know what’s more than enough!”
(Billie Holiday, Jazz singer and songwriter, 1953)

- Campus Resources - students, faculty & staff in dealing with recent racial and social injustice events
A. Counseling and Wellness - contact Suzanne Hall at (419) 251-1454 or In Youngstown, please contact Ann Bair at (330) 480-2874 or . Also, please access the Counseling & Wellness webpage ( or the Student Success folder on Canvas.
B. Campus Ministry and Pastoral Care - contact Annie Devine at (419) 251-1866,, or
C. Life Matters (Faculty & Staff) - call 877-692-7780 or text “Hello” to 61295. Additional information for Life Matters can be found on the Mercy Health Hub.
-Counseling and Wellness Services – recently awarded the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) grant, through the Ohio Department of Higher Education, to address mental health care. Funds awarded were $16,569 to be used from March 13, 2021 to June 30, 2022.
-Lenten Service – Planned, virtually, for Tuesday, March 30 at noon. Faculty & staff are able to obtain prayer/reflection books.
-E2E Advising – scheduling and note storing & sharing software, will replace Appointment Plus, training conducted for use in summer or fall semester.
-Student Success & Retention Committee – recently completed revising college retention plan. The plan will be shared at the March Strategic Planning & Budgeting Committee meeting.
-SOAR – orientation with the Physician Assistant (PA) program will be on Saturday, March 20. The next undergraduate orientation will be Thursday, April 22.

- Mercy College Food Pantry – access the link to see how you can contribute to the pantry and continue to serve our students in need (
- Journey to Success – 8 weeks, different success topic every week, delivered by Student Affairs staff. Check the Student Success Center module on Canvas for topics and times.
-ALEKS – Math placement software, will replace Accuplacer, with training being conducted for use in fall semester.
- Director of Diversity & Inclusion search – Three candidates are currently involved in the search, with additional candidates to be involved.
- Early Alert Form – If you have a student that is struggling academically, make sure you utilize the Early Alert Form to initiate a collaborative and supportive approach to success. To access the form, access the link here: .
- Concern and Complaint Form – If you are aware of a student that is struggling outside of the classroom, please consider using the Concern and Complaint Form. For more details, please contact Deanna Vatan (419) 251-2133 or OR Dr. Lisa Sancrant (419) 251-1454 or To access and complete the form, click here: .

If you have questions or comments regarding the information presented, or with the Division of Student Affairs, please do not hesitate to contact Marc Adkins, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Mercy Café Menu

Submitted by Steven Joyce

Mercy Café Menu

Empower Responsive Design

Submitted by Jeff Metzger

Empower has been working to convert their web pages to a responsive design format. A responsive design allows the pages to resize gracefully for the device being used, such as a phone, tablet, or computer. One of the more noticeable changes is an improvement to the menu system which features cascading menus instead of mega-menus. The responsive design will be enabled for Empower Me on Monday, March 8. If you notice any issues related to this change, please let me or my team know. Thank you!

Linda Shaw continues to inspire others about heart health

Submitted by Denise Hudgin, Reprinted from Mercy Health Weekly Update

Linda Heart Health Story Mercy Health Blog 1200x610 1

Linda Shaw’s long personal and professional connection to heart health has served as an inspiration to others in the Toledo, OH area and beyond.

Linda, a clinical partnership liaison at Mercy College of Ohio, has a family history of heart disease. Her father died when she was 12. She experienced a tough journey of passing out and becoming unconscious three times over a 13-year period and was misdiagnosed. Finally, in 2008, she was diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia. Linda then received a pacemaker and defibrillator.

However, these heart issues haven’t slowed Linda down over the years. She’s a competitive runner, educator and motivational speaker.

A 1974 St. Vincent School of Nursing graduate, Linda later earned a master’s in education exercise physiology and cardiac rehab in 1988. She eventually opened the cardiac rehabilitation program at Mercy Health – St. Charles Hospital.

In 2012, Linda was selected as a Medtronic Global Hero – one of 25 athletes around the world who exemplify outstanding athletic characteristics and life with an electronic device. She was also a keynote speaker for the American Heart Association’s Go Red Luncheon in 2014.

As an accomplished runner her entire adult life, Linda encourages athletes with developing heart conditions to continue what they love but scale it down to a new normal. She has run in 377 races throughout the country, including triathlons, with both her pacemaker and defibrillator.

Anyone who has participated in organized races in the Toledo, OH area may have spotted Linda wearing one of her many running costumes to brighten the experience for those around her.

While working at one race in Toledo, she was explaining to someone why CPR was necessary. Right then, a woman appeared to trip near the finish line, but didn’t get up. Linda ran over and started CPR. Linda then walked the same race the following year with the woman and her family.

“I’m a strong proponent of being your own heart health advocate and finding physicians who listen to you and your needs,” she shares. “I’m also a firm believer that life is a gift, so enjoy.”

Linda is clearly following her own advice.

Want to start learning about your own heart health? Take our free, online heart risk assessment today.

Student struggling in your class? Submit an Early Alert!

Submitted by Kristen Porter

Don't forget to submit an Early Alert if you have a student who is struggling in your class! The Early Alert Referral System (EAR) ( is the best way to alert me to potential students at-risk for failure or withdrawing. Once an EAR is submitted, I work with the Student Success Center (Advisors, Tutors, and Counselors) to ensure support is provided to students. There are several reasons an EAR should be submitted for a student, such as:

Missing class/lectures/labs
Missing assignments
Poor exam/quiz grades
Sudden decline in participation/attendance
Mental Health Concerns
Financial problems
College adjustment issues
And many other concerns

If you have questions, please contact me,


Send a message to the Mercy College President using this link.

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