Please stay home and avoid contact with others!

Report to Brenda Mullan,, Covid-19 Student Health Nurse, by COVID Self-Report Form.

All students who travel outside of the United States must report such travel to the COVID-19 Student Health Nurse, Brenda Mullan by contacting her at International travel guidelines may require quarantine depending on current travel advisories.

For further information visit:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Information


If any of the following risk factors apply within the past 14 days, students must follow the protocol listed below:

  • Students are required to self-report to Covid-19 Student Health Nurse, Brenda Mullan immediately for any of the following:
    • Close contact with a person under investigation for COVID-19 while that person was ill.
    • Caring for a person under investigation for COVID-19 without proper use of all required PPE.
    • Close contact with an ill, laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patient in the context of living with, being an intimate partner of, or caring for the person outside a health care facility.

*Students will be guided on the best way to safely proceed based on the circumstance and vaccination status, if they choose to disclose this information.

Mercy College resumed face-to-face classes for all courses that typically are delivered in person as of the Fall 2022 semester. The College continues to encourage social distancing, when possible, and other safety measures are in place. Please continue to check your email frequently for updates. The COVID-19 situation is constantly being monitored. If a change were necessary due to increased numbers or other factors, updates will be provided via Mercy College email, on this page, and through the RAVE Alert system.

Prior to attending clinical/precepted experiences students will be required to complete the Castlebranch clinical requirements. Clinical sites may require additional forms, health information, temperature checks, masking protocols and other guidelines. Students should contact the program administrator with questions about their specific clinical requirements.

Yes, the College is part of Mercy Health, St. Vincent’s Medical Center and environmental services is aware that cleaning at this time is critical to stop/slow down the spread of all flu and cold-like illnesses.

All faculty, staff and students are asked to clean their respective work area before and after use of a space. Cleaning wipes are available in all areas where students, faculty and staff are engaging in hands-on activities.

The College will send emails/update its website/RAVE alert if necessary.

Please contact the Bursar’s office at

Technology fees cover more than using computers in the computer labs, printing and/or copying. The technology fee is used to maintain and upgrade technological resources, including but not limited to Canvas, which serves as the Learning Management System for Mercy College, skills labs, science labs, and simulation equipment, software programs, software licenses, computers, printers, student IT support, lab, simulation manikins and their software programming, etc. Computers and printers are currently available for use on Jefferson 6th floor.

Please email and an admissions officer will contact you.

At this time, the Mercy Health System – Toledo Market is requiring masks. Additionally, each clinical facility outside of the Mercy Health System may have their own masking requirements. Masking protocol changes will be addressed through signage at the front desk areas in the Madison lobby, the Jefferson 1st floor lobby, and the Jefferson 6th floor reception area. Additionally, masking changes will be communicated via Mercy College email.

The safety measures in place will be the following: mask wearing, sanitizing the building between semesters, UV lights used in high traffic lab areas to sanitize spaces after hours, hand sanitizing stations and wipes placed throughout the campus, limits on elevators and in restrooms. This is all in addition to the regular cleaning that takes place on a daily basis.

With the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) vaccine mandate, Mercy College’s parent organization, Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH), has notified the College that it will be complying with the mandate and requiring the COVID vaccination. This requirement will apply to all students that either come to the Toledo Campus or Youngstown location, as well as any students who participate in any clinical activity (online student or face-to-face student).

Documentation of vaccination, in the form of the front and back of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination card, can be submitted via email to

The Office of Compliance & Risk Management will oversee the COVID-19 vaccine exemption process. At this time, BSMH has declared that it will consider vaccine exemptions for students, based on sincerely held religious beliefs or medical contraindication supported by documentation from a medical professional. View this site for additional information.