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Why pursue a Chemistry minor?

Chemistry plays an integral role in many fields such as biology, engineering and pre-professional health science. The chemistry minor at Mercy College will allow you to better prepare yourself for your chosen career by providing a solid, broad-based knowledge of chemistry.

A minor in Chemistry will allow you to stand out compared to others in your field who lack additional training in chemistry. The course of study for the Chemistry minor allows you to build a secondary area of expertise thus adding additional skills which set you apart from others.

Required Courses

Core CoursesCredit Hours
CHM 210: General College Chemistry I5 hours
CHM 211: General College Chemistry II5 hours
CHM 320: Organic Chemistry I5 hours
CHM 321: Organic Chemistry II or Chemistry elective at the 300/400 level5 hours
CHM 410: Biochemistry or Chemistry elective at the 300/400 level5 hours
Total hours

To add this minor to your academic plans, contact your academic advisor. For more information on the chemistry minor you may also contact:

Treasure Sucheck

Treasure Sucheck, PhD, BS : Professor, Chemistry Program Coordinator