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October 5, 2021

News from President Sue Wajert

Dear Mercy College Community:

It is hard to believe that we are now 19 months into the pandemic. Everyone at Mercy College has remained strong and steadfast in caring for our students and for one another.

It has been difficult and challenging, and even outside the pandemic, life went on… babies born, graduations occurred, people passed, people married, and families continued to care for one another. Life does not stop!

At times I am sure it has taken an emotional, physical, or spiritual toll on you….and maybe some days all three.

The Mercy Day celebration was September 24, 2021 and part of the prayer service was a Call to Commitment:

Catherine once said, “If the love of God really reigns in your heart, it will show itself in the exterior.” Our ministry and college are devoted to make the love of God visible in the work we do, in the lives of the people to whom we offer care and, in the communities, we serve (both internal and external).

As we recall today the faith and courage of Catherine McAuley and the rich legacy of the Sisters of Mercy, let us take a moment to quietly reflect on the following question: what action can I take to make the love of God visible in the work I do for students, colleagues, and the communities I serve?

We will continue to move forward and be Mercy Strong!!

We are currently in the midst of a complex and ever-changing higher education environment. This fall saw enrollment down at many colleges and universities. Nursing enrollment is down at many of our sister schools (hospital-based), including Mercy College. In Ohio, community colleges will have the opportunity to offer the BSN upon approval from all accreditors. Some of these programs may begin as early as fall 2022.

Mercy College is a strong and vibrant institution, and we will continue to grow where it makes sense. We must also continue to cultivate and grow our current programs to full capacity and support and retain our current students.

With the nursing shortage, Mercy Health relies on us to educate nurses and prepare them for the Mercy Health workplace. The goal is at least a 67% capture rate from the College to the health system, and currently we are at 41%. The nursing division, university relations, talent acquisition, and career and professional development are all working together to ensure a growing pipeline of nurses to Mercy Health. Thus, it is vital that we fill our nursing programs.

Everyone has an important role to play within enrollment, academics, and student affairs. This triad plays a critical role in the overall success of the College, and it depends on everyone working together.

As we continue to evolve and build new programs like surgical technology and others at both the undergraduate and graduate levels it is imperative that we are thoughtful and agile moving into the future.

I have faith that together Mercy College will continue to be a strong competitor in higher education, and that we will prepare students who live the values of compassion, excellence, human dignity, justice, sacredness of life, and service.

--Thank you. Sue

Videoconferencing Kits Available

Submitted by Jeff Metzger

The videoconferencing kits that were discussed during Professional Development Days have arrived and are available for use. The kits include a high-quality camera with pan/tilt/zoom capability and a base station with a quality microphone and speaker. It connects to a computer with just a single USB cable and Zoom will automatically recognize the camera, microphone, and speaker. If you want to borrow a kit for a specific class/meeting or if you know of a classroom that would benefit from having a kit installed, please let me or my staff know.

Mercy Café Menu

Submitted by Steve Joyce

Mercy Café Menu

Tent City Collection Drive

Submitted by Lori Yarger

Tent city image with students

The NUR 402 students are having a collection drive as they participate in Tent City this year. They are collecting new or gently used hats, gloves and scarves as well as toiletries that will be handed out on October 23. Please see the flyer for details. Collection boxes are located at the Jefferson St. elevators, 3rd floor student lounge and Professor Yarger's office (M3816). The collections run from 9/20/21-10/20/21.

Get Your Flu Shot

Copy of Teal Flu Shot Instagram Post

Upcoming Mercy Health Flu Shot Clinics

Friday, Oct 8, St V’s Auditorium 11a-3p

Monday, Oct 11, St Charles-Oregon Rm 7a-11a

Wednesday, Oct 13, St Anne-Conf Rm 1 11a-3p

Thursday, Oct 14, St V’s 7a – 11a CC#2

Monday, Oct 18, St Charles-Oregon Rm 11a-3p

Tuesday, Oct. 19, St V’s 11a-3p CC#1/CC#2

Wednesday, Oct. 20, St Anne-Conf Rm 1 7a-11a

Tuesday, Oct. 26, St Anne-Conf Rm 2 8a-12p

Wednesday, Oct. 27, St Charles-Oregon Rm 10a-2p

Friday, Oct. 29, St V’s 7a – 11a CC#2 Auditorium

Important Facility Information

Submitted by Sherri Boggs

I would like to share a few reminders/updates concerning our campus.
- Security is reporting that many classrooms and offices are being left unlocked. All Faculty and Staff should be locking the classroom when you are finished teaching/exiting the room. Please make sure to turn off the lights and pull on the handle to make sure it is locked. Same is true for offices and conference rooms - turn off lights and lock the door when exiting.
- Lights should remain ON in ALL hallways of both the Madison and Jefferson sides of the building. This is especially important for the hallways located on the 2nd floor Jefferson leading to the Madison side of the building. These hallways are very dark without any lights. With the Madison entrance unavailable this pathway is being used frequently by students and associates of the college to get from Jefferson to Madison. Students need to feel safe while traveling this path to get to 5th floor study rooms. Please, if you see the lights are not on - turn them on!
Thank you so very much for cooperation in these matters.


Send a message to the Mercy College President using this link.

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