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November 3, 2020

Enrollment Update:

Important Update on the Tuition Exchange Program!

Mercy College of Ohio is a member of the Tuition Exchange (TE)program. The TE program offers opportunities for educational pursuit to dependents of Mercy College Faculty and Staff. There are over 7,700 colleges and universities that participate in TE. Faculty and Staff at TE member schools are provided the opportunity for their dependent children to apply for the program and if, receive a tuition scholarship at the college or university of their choice. Mercy College has a TE policy and you can access the policy on the Mercy HUB (specialties and services, Mercy College of Ohio, Communities, Compliance Public, Policy and Procedure Manual)

As of November 1, TE has made a major change in the program that benefits all faculty and staff. As a TE member school, we no longer are required to maintain a specific balance of exports (dependents of Mercy College employees) and imports (faculty and staff dependents from other schools who attend Mercy College) for our faculty and staff to be eligible to participate. Mercy College now has an unlimited number of exports. The guidelines we must follow are what is reflected in our policy that can be reviewed here

Thus, if you have a dependent that is looking at starting college please be sure to visit the TE website at Search the information on member schools, and if interested in applying for a TE scholarship please contact me, our TE Liaison at 419-251-1614 or

On behalf of the Division of Enrollment services, we hope that you are all well and learning to live in our new world! Thank you for all you do for the College and to assist Admissions in the recruitment of students. While not always said – it is appreciated. As we begin November and this time of thankfulness, we want you to know how thankful we are of all of you!!!!

Mercy Café Menu

Submitted by Steven Joyce

Mercy Café Menu

Food Pantry Grab & Go Event a Success

Submitted by Annette Hinrichs

October 2020 Food Pantry Grab and Go Event

Friday, October 23, 2020, Toledo and Youngstown campuses had Food Pantry Grab & Go Events. Students, faculty, and staff were able to reserve meal bags online & pick up supplies in a safe, drive-through event. Youngstown would like to especially thank Kristen M. Porter, M.Ed. Director of Career, Professional Development and Retention. Kristen drove to Youngstown with all supplies to be sure that our students got their needs met. Assisting with the Youngstown event and delivery of items for students who could not drive to the school were Hoffman Ambassadors Audra Figueroa and Bernadette McRae-Elliott and student Kathleen Gromley (all pictured with Kristen Porter).

Faculty/Staff Innovations and Social Media Posts

Submitted by Hannah Bohn

What innovations are you leading within the classroom/lab/office? What highlights and updates from your department/division would be beneficial for the Mercy Community, Alumni, and community partners to be aware of?

Submit a Faculty/Staff Innovation Form

Mercy College Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) is used to recruit new students, promote our values and achievements, engage students on and off campus, and promote fundraising and advocacy.

Submit Content for our Social Media Accounts

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit to the two links above*. Let's work together to create a more informed college community.

*Both documents are located under Faculty/Staff Forms on the College website.

Human Resource Reminder

Screen Shot 2020 11 03 at 1 48 11 PM

Friendly reminder: Flu shots are due by December 1, 2020. If you received your flu shot at a location other than Mercy Health, please provide verification to Terry Romano at St. Vincents or email

Please watch your mail at home for a $15 certificate from BSMH for a turkey or ham or toward the purchase of fruit and vegetables. This certificate replaces the turkeys that have been provided in the past.


Send a message to Dr. Wajert using this link.

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