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July 22, 2019

What's Happening in Student Affairs - July 2019

-The DASH Emergency Grant – To date, assisted 150 students with over $155,000 in funds. For additional information, please contact Kristen Porter.
-Pathways for Success – collaborating with Mercy Foundation to identify donor(s) or grant-funding to increase award amount and students served. For additional information, please contact Kristen Porter.
-Maxient - confidential record-keeping/sharing software – implementation scheduled for September 2019. Some of the departments to use the software will be Student Conduct, CARE Team, Retention, Accessibility
Services, Title IX and Compliance, and Academic Integrity. For additional information, please contact Deanna Vatan.
-Smarthinking - 24/7 on-line tutoring software, available for all Mercy College undergraduate and graduate students. For additional information, please contact Dr. Lisa Sancrant.
-The 3rd annual Student Affairs retreat was held on Friday, June 28 at the Ward Pavilion. The focus for the day was on assessment and preparation for HLC. Various members of the Student Affairs staff lead activities for the day. Dr. Bates and Dr. Watson were guest and collaborated with the staff in preparation for the HLC visit in November.
-Retention software – Executive Staff will demo four (4) different software packages during the fall semester. For additional information, please contact Kristen Porter.
-SGA Leadership for 2019-2020 – Amanda Hohlfelder – President, Kelsey Sullivan – Vice President, Brandon Hoobler – Director of Finance, and Matt Norris – Director of Communication. Meetings will be held bi-weekly, on
Mondays at 5:15 p.m., starting September 9.
-Hoffman Ambassadors and Leaders Scholars Program applications deadline – August 1! For additional information, please contact Annie Devine and Deanna Vatan.
-Effective Monday, June 24, the Student Affairs staff members listed below have relocated their offices.
• Kristen Porter – relocate to Madison 1703
• Suzanne Hall – relocate to Madison 5720
• Annie Devine – relocate to Madison 5706

-The Youngstown location has scheduled Friday, July 19 as their final SOAR date for the summer.
-The Toledo campus next SOAR dates are Tuesday, August 13 – Friday, August 16. Please make sure your respective offices are adequately staffed.
-The Nursing Tutor position, vacated by Sarah Dollarhide, is posted and receiving applicants. For additional information, please contact Dr. Lisa Sancrant.
-The 3rd Annual Alumni Weekend Walk is scheduled for Saturday, September 21. For additional information, please contact Deanna Vatan.
-The 3rd Annual Student Leader Retreat is scheduled for Friday, August 23 at The Pines in Fremont. For additional information, please contact Deanna Vatan.
-The Campus Violence Prevention Committee has been working on two separate initiatives. It is targeted to have these initiatives completed by the beginning of the fall semester. For additional information, please contact
Marc Adkins.
• “Student” tag for ID badge – Toledo students
• Capability to make student ID badges – Youngstown location
-The Campus Violence Prevention Committee will conduct a table-top discussion, addressing emergency response, at the Faculty & Staff Professional Development days in August. For additional information, please contact Marc Adkins.

Mercy Café Menu

Submitted by Steve Joyce

Mercy Café Menu

Items Sent to Students via Inside Mercy College

Mercy Café Menu - see above

Soroptimist of Lucas County: Live Your Dream Award
submitted by Julie Leslie
Scholarship Opportunity for Lucas County Female Students: Live Your Dream Award with the Lucas County Chapter of Soroptimist International.

The Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards are cash awards given to motivated women who are the primary financial supporters of their families. The recipients of the awards seek to improve their lives by gaining additional skills, training, or education but do not have the resources to do so. These cash awards are meant to offset any costs associated with the recipient's efforts to attain higher education, including but not limited to: tuition, books, supplies, childcare or transportation costs.

Deadline: November 15, 2019

There is a portal that makes completing the application process easy! All applications will be directed to the local organization for review by non-member judges. Please visit or

In the event the application needs to be printed and mailed, please send to the address or email below.
Mail: PO Box 350671, Toledo, Ohio 43635

Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. Scholarship for Young Hispanic Leaders
submitted by Julie Leslie
Applicants must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as full-time undergraduate students and demonstrate a verifiable need for financial support. At least one parent must be of Hispanic ancestry. Non-U.S. citizens are eligible to apply (DACA or Undocumented). Recipients must also be available to attend the 38th USHLI National Conference in Chicago, IL from February 20-22, 2020.

Deadline: November 30, 2019

For more information and to apply online - please visit:

Summer Online Textbook Buyback
submitted by Beverly Miller
Mercy College and Matthews Medical Books have partnered to offer all students the opportunity to sell their used textbooks. Visit July 22 through August 16 for instructions, pricing, and to sell your used textbooks.


Send a message to Dr. Wajert using this link.

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