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January 20, 2020

Happy New Year Faculty and Staff Colleagues!

1. Ongoing and completed searches in Academic Affairs:
Associate Registrar, Assistant Dean of Nursing, Nursing Faculty (2), Religion Faculty Member (Pending offer), Physician Assistant Faculty (2)
- Dr. Padmaja Nandigama began in January serving as our new Psychology Faculty member
- Ms. Rebecca "Becka" Gorski began in January serving as our new Library Assistant

2. The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) was on campus last week to review our developing Physician Assistant Studies Program 01-15-20 through 01-17-20. The visit was overall very positive. Next steps include a 30 day public comment period followed by final review by the Chancellor.

3. An ODHE progress report for the MSN will be submitted at the end of January 2020, this will the last of three required program updates.

4. ODHE approved our RN to MSN new program proposal last week and the proposal is concurrently being reviewed by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

5. Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation discussion are being led by myself, Director of DE and Teaching Resources (Dan), Director of Library Services (Becki), Faculty Development Committee chairperson (Leisa), stay tuned for more to come in spring 2020.

6. HLC Phase III is under construction, details regarding the structure were shared at the ES Retreat in the Fall and will be shared post the final HLC site visit report in March 2020.

7. BSN program enhancements are progressing well, BSN faculty are to be commended for their continuing efforts to build a stronger program for our students.

8. The Strategic Enrollment Committee is working to develop the skeleton of a strategic enrollment plan that will help guide our efforts to increase the strategic nature of our interactions with students. Our goal is for the campus to be engaged in the development process during a spring 2020 College Assembly.

9. Sherri Boggs and Member of Mercy Human Resources will be attending Academic Council this week on January 22nd, hiring manager across campus have been invited to be provide an overview of the College’s Hiring and Onboarding Guide.

10. Student Records is working on providing options for updating the Academic Calendar to take advantage of changes in federal financial aid rules related to length of term.

11. The faculty evaluation process is in full swing, faculty evaluations now include an annual update within a comprehensive cycle for faculty with multi-year contracts. Faculty with annual contracts complete a comprehensive evaluation each year until they earn a multi-year contract through the academic rank and promotion process. Check-Ins will be incorporated in 2020 for all faculty and staff per BSMH policy.

12. Ask a colleague – which award can I nominate you for? what type of scholarly project can we collaborate on?

13. Catalog review process is moving fast, please respond in a timely manner to any Catalog related requests.

Dr. Bates

Mercy Café Menu

Submitted by Steve Joyce

Mercy Café Menu

2020 New Hire Mandatory Learning Course Lists Available

Submitted by Angela Nowak

New hire mandatory learning course lists are now available on the Hub.

As a leader, we are asking you to be aware of the courses we expect new hires to complete within 30 days of assignment.

Please make sure you are reminding your new associate(s) to finish their courses, as well as giving them the appropriate time during the work day to be compliant.

Youngstown Campus Wellness Week

Submitted by Ann Bair

As we begin the new year, it is a good time to focus on ways to improve one's total wellness. The Youngstown Campus will be offering Wellness Days on Monday, January 27, Thursday, January 30, and Friday, January 3. Ann Bair, Mental Health Counselor, will be offering a Relaxation/Mindfulness Station complete with guided meditation, calming scents and sounds, and stress management resources in the 2nd floor Conference Room. Darnell LaRosa, Student Affairs Coordinator, will be hosting a Nutrition Nook with a yogurt bar and fitness information in the 4th floor Main Office. A personal wellness quiz will be available to get students started on filling their Wellness Wheel. Please contact Ann Bair at 330-480-2874 or with any questions or concerns.

Items Sent to Students via Inside Mercy College

Mercy Café Menu - see above
Youngstown Campus Wellness Week - see above

Budget 101: Where Do I Start?
submitted by Kristen Porter

Ready to get your year started out on the right foot?
Join the Student Success Center and learn how to create and maintain a monthly budget!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020
11:00 a.m. – Noon
Lunch will be provided!

The FIRST 5 Students to attend the event get a FREE GIFT! Questions? Contact Kristen Porter (419-251-1339, or Tracy Darr (419-251-1882,


Send a message to Dr. Wajert using this link.

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