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February 16, 2021

Enrollment Division Update

Winter has certainly arrived. I hope that you continue to stay well and warm.

As we approach the middle of the semester, I ask each of you to please do what you can to retain our students. Our consultation with Ruffalo Noel Levitz continues and we are developing strategies to increase the direct from high school population and overall enrollment but a key to enrollment growth is keeping the students that we have. We want students to complete the programs they are in and come back to Mercy for the next step in their educational journey. We not only want them to successfully complete their programs of study but to have positive experiences. The pandemic has forced all of us to connect and engage with students differently, but it is on all of us to ensure that we are doing our best for each student.

I will be sending information to all faculty, staff, and students about upcoming enrollment events that I hope you will share with people you know and through your social media accounts. I cannot overstate the value of you personally sharing Mercy College information.

Regarding social media, please follow Mercy College's social media platforms.

Do you have something new or interesting happening in your area? Are you teaching something exciting in your class/lab? Let us know with the Faculty/Staff Innovations, Highlights, & Updates form. Do you know of a graduate that is flourishing in their field or who would make a great spotlight? Encourage them to complete the Spotlight Form.

We are off to a great start but it will take all of us to achieve our goals. Please feel free to contact me or a member of the enrollment team with any questions.

Mercy Café Menu

Submitted by Steven Joyce

Mercy Café Menu

Matthews Textbook Adoption

Submitted by Sharon Rienerth

It's that time of year again for textbook adoptions. A reminder that this adoption period will be for two semesters. The adoption period for Summer/Fall 2021 Semesters will be February 22 - March 12, 2021. You will receive an email on February 19 with the link to Matthews and instructions to submit your textbooks.


Send a message to Dr. Wajert using this link.

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