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June 17, 2019

Academic Affairs Updates – June 2019

Retirement Update – Deb Johnson
On behalf of Academic Affairs, please join me in thanking Deb Johnson for her service to Mercy College. Deb has served as the Director of Library for 10 years and has provided invaluable service to students, faculty, and staff. Among her many contributions within Academic Affairs, Deb has been instrumental in updating the entire College community on issues related to copyright laws and guidelines and information literacy.

A retirement reception for Deb Johnson will be held in the College Library on June 25, 2019 from 1-2:30 p.m.

Accreditation Updates
A. The HIT program has a site visit scheduled on June 26 – 27, 2019 by CAHIIM.

B. Master of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, & RN to BSN Programs
• The CCNE Board of Commissioners acted at its meeting on May 7-10, 2019, granting initial accreditation to the Master of Science in Nursing program for the full five years, extending to June 30, 2024. The next site visit for the MSN program will be in the fall of 2023.
• The CCNE Board of Commissioners also granted the baccalaureate degree nursing programs (BSN and RN to BSN) continuing accreditation for the full ten years, extending to June 30, 2029.
• The accreditation action for the MSN and BSN is effective as of October 17, 2018.
• The CCNE Board of Commissioners determined for both the MSN and BSN programs that all four accreditation standards were met with no compliance concerns with respect to the key elements.

C. Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
1. The HLC Steering Committee, Criterion, Federal Compliance, and Student Education Teams continue to meet regularly through the summer months.
2. The initial HLC Assurance Argument draft, written by Dr. Bates and Dr. Watson, will be shared with Husch-Blackwell (HB) (external legal counsel) by June 21, 2019.
3. HB will provide feedback and develop resource guide sheets for the College community.
4. The HLC Assurance Argument will be submitted on or before October 21, 2019.
5. On behalf of the Steering Committee, we thank the College community for its collective efforts.

D. Since 2017, the following (six) academic program have complete successful accreditation and/or Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) site visits:
1. The Radiologic Technology program earned continuing accreditation from JRCERT for the full 8 years, next visit in 2025.
2. The BSN-P and ASN programs gained OBN full approval for the maximum of 5 years for both the BSN-P and ASN programs.
3. The ASN program earned continuing ACEN accreditation for the full 8 years, next visit in fall 2024.
4. The Paramedic certificate program had a CAAHEP accreditation site visit on November 19 & 20, 2018. We expect results in the summer of 2019.
5. Ophthalmic Assistant certificate program had an ICA site visit on May 21, 2018. The results were continuing accreditation for 5 years, with the next visit in fall 2023.

Dr. Bates

Mercy Café Menu

Submitted by Steve Joyce

Mercy Café Menu

Items Sent to Students via Inside Mercy College

Mercy Café Menu - see above

Fall 2019 Graduation Application Deadline Reminder
submitted by Jay Hoying

Congratulations to those nearing graduation! If you believe you will be meeting all college and program requirements at the end of the upcoming fall semester please make sure to complete a graduation application with your academic advisor prior to the Friday, July 5, 2019 deadline.

You will want to review your degree audit and/or plan of study to ensure all program and college requirements have been met. As well, be certain to update your personal information (ex. address) in EmpowerMe prior to submitting a graduation application. The graduation application can be found on the graduation and commencement webpage and should be submitted to your academic advisor.

If a graduation application is not received by your academic advisor by the Friday, July 5, 2019 deadline you may not receive important graduation/commencement information and may be excluded from some or all related activities. If you have questions regarding graduation, please, email


Send a message to Dr. Wajert using this link.

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