Sample Program of Study

Medical Imaging Online Completion

Program Coursework

Course Number Course Name
HCA 301 Introduction to the United States Healthcare System
HCA 312 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations
HCA 410 Introduction to Healthcare Finance
IMG 305 Imaging Informatics
IMG 325 Communication and Patient Education
IMG 400 or IMG 445 Medical Imaging Safety and Standards or Magnetic Resonance Imaging Safety
IMG 410 Quality Improvement in Medical Imaging
IMG 415 Research in Medical Imaging
IMG 470 Medical Imaging Management
IMG 480 Medical Imaging Capstone
IMG Medical Imaging Electives

Elective Options (Select 15 Credits of Imaging Electives)

Course Number Course Name
IMG 310 Sectional Anatomy for Medical Imaging
IMG 330 Principles of Computed Tomography
IMG 340 Computed Tomography Applications
IMG 345 Principles of Bone Densitometry
IMG 350 Principles of Mammography
IMG 355 Advanced Breast Imaging
IMG 370 Advancements in Sonography
IMG 399 Special Topics in Medical Imaging
IMG 430 Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
IMG 431 Advanced Imaging Practicum
IMG 440 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications
IMG 445 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Safety
IMG 450 Principles of Vascular-Interventional Radiography
IMG 491 Independent Study in Medical Imaging

General Education Coursework

Course Number Course Name
GEN Natural Sciences, Technology and Innovation
GEN Oral and Written Communication
GEN Math, Statistics, and Logic
GEN Social and Behavioral Sciences
GEN Arts, Humanities, Culture and Diversity
GEN Additional General Education Coursework (any category)

The general education graduation requirements are required to complete the program. The majority of students transfer in a large percentage of the general education credits needed for their Bachelor’s degree.

A total of 120 credit hours are needed for graduation. Once a student enrolls at Mercy College, only six hours of credit can be transferred in from another regionally accredited intuition of higher education. Students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours at Mercy College of Ohio.

*Pathway candidates (those graduating from hospital-based programs) are granted 39 credit hours upon verification of active registration status with the ARRT, ARDMS, or NMTCB.