Outstanding Faculty Member Award

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The Recognition of Excellence is an opportunity for our Mercy College of Ohio community to celebrate the successes and recognize the excellent work of our student, faculty, and staff members. All Mercy College of Ohio students, faculty, and staff are invited to nominate their peers and colleagues.

Outstanding Faculty Member

This award is designed to recognize the faculty member, as determined by a committee of their peers, who has exemplified the essence of what it means to be an accomplished and contributing member of the academic community at Mercy College of Ohio. It is designed to celebrate those individuals who have demonstrated a distinguished academic career.

  • Those eligible for nomination include full-time faculty members with a minimum of 8 years of teaching at Mercy College of Ohio.
  • The award includes a distinguished professor medallion, plaque, and additional funding above the amount provided to the general faculty for expenses to attend a conference or present their research as approved by the Vice-President of Academic Affairs.
  • The recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Member award will be responsible for a presentation on Faculty Development Day that will help faculty engage in teaching effectiveness, professional activities, and service. Additionally, the recipient will be responsible for developing a learning module in Canvas on teaching, scholarship, or service.
  • Faculty are only eligible every five years to receive this award. One faculty award per year maximum.
  • Any faculty member or member of Academic Council or Executive Staff may submit a nomination.
  • After reviewing all nominations, the selection committee will determine up to three finalists who will provide a curriculum vitae enumerating the nominee’s cumulative achievements, three letters of support: one from a student, one from a colleague in the discipline and one from a colleague outside of the discipline; and a 3 to 5-page professional self-evaluation addressing how the faculty member has met the four principal criteria for selection which include:
    • Teaching effectiveness, including stimulating classroom methods; successful guidance in independent student work, including research; imaginative pedagogy; and willingness to experiment with teaching methodology.
    • Professional activities and development, including involvement in research; publications and participation in professional organizations.
    • Service as mentor to faculty and/or students, including presence in the department providing a model for students; and contributions to the College community providing a model for faculty of all ranks.
    • Service to the community, including service to the College which has improved the quality of the institution; and service to the community outside the campus.
  • Faculty are only eligible every five years to receive this award. One faculty award per year maximum.

Questions regarding the Recognition of Excellence event can be directed to Deanna Vatan, Director of Student Life, at 419-251-2133 or