Hope Over Heroin

Kathryn Bubrig

On Monday, October 30, 2017, ASN Day-Toledo program members of Alpha Delta Nu held a public awareness event to educate the Mercy College community on the heroin and opioid crisis in the Toledo area.

Stephanie Zarecki, President of Mercy College's Alpha Delta Nu chapter explained the importance of the event for students and their future career. "Nearly every member of the group has a first hand story of a friend or loved one who is in recovery or has died from an overdose. The face of heroin is not what it stereotypically was in the past," Zarecki noted. "As future medical professionals, we feel a responsibility to increase awareness on the issue so we can better advocate for our future patients. The vast majority of heroin addicts start with a legitimate prescription for opioid painkillers so we feel an obligation to educate our peers that anyone can fall victim to addiction and we must be vigilant when it comes to liberal opioid prescription practices."

The event highlighted statistics on the heroin epidemic in the area and the state. The display (image below) included silhouettes representing the 11 Ohioans who die each day from overdose as well as purple silhouettes noting personal stories of Alpha Delta Nu members. The group also provided fliers with statistics and information on how students can get involved in the effort to provide "Hope Over Heroin."

Image of Display from Hope Over Herion Event

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